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Bad a Blog-logging

The past few days have been crazy! I had an interview on Thursday and then due to the weather hubz and I decided to stay in Burlington for the night and to have a date night out.  Since then I haven’t really sat down to do any blogging.  

After my interview on Thursday I got a large soy chai latte at Speeder & Earls while I waited for it to be time for my massage.  After my massage I was starving since I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I stopped at Healthy Living and picked up a small salad and coconut water to hold me over until dinner later in the evening.  For dinner hubby took me out to A Single Pebble this amazing traditional Chinese restaurant.  One of the great things about this restaurant is that they have tons of vegan dishes and a number of dishes that can be made vegan (almost any meat dish can be made vegan). Also everything is served family style and comes out when the dishes is ready so there is no ordering appetizers and entrees just small and large plates.

I had a delicious Ginger-tini made with house infused vodka

Hubby had a Dark 'N Stormy

Vegetarian Dry Fried Green Beans - Fire flavored green beans wok tossed with flecks of pork (replaced with veg substitute), black bean, preserved vegetable, & garlic.


Double Garlic Broccoli- Wok-fried Broccli in House Garlic sauce with cashew nuts.


Buddha’s Sesame Beef- Crispy seitan served with mixed vegetables in a sesame garlic sauce. A house favorite.

Vegetarian Tan Tan Noodle - Spicy sesame shrimp (replaced with tofu) wok seared, then served with peanuts on a bed of wheat noodle and greens.

This was an amazing dinner but of course we ordered way too much food and ended up eating it for lunch the next day.  For breakfast Friday morning I had 2 cups of black coffee and an everything bagel with tofutti.  Dinner last night was kind of just a mess of food that I had left over in the fridge:

Braised cabbage with onions and carrots, mashed white beans with sundried tomatoes, scallions and toffutti and a slice of whole wheat rye bread with EB

Braised cabbage with onions and carrots, mashed white beans with toffutti, sundried tomatoes and scallions and a slice of whole wheat rye bread with EB


This morning Neil and I decided to hit up Coffee Corner for some yummy breakfast.  Breakfast was great however our car wouldn’t start after we got out, luckily we live in walking distance (I know, I know you’re thinking so why didn’t you just walk? we didn’t walk because it was -7F FREEZING!).  We did get the car running and it’s doing fine now!


I had tofu scramble with mushrooms and garlic and pumpernickel toast

Hubby had tofu scramble Florentine with rye bread (I stole some of his homefries)


For lunch we just hung around the house so I heated up some leftovers from last nights dinner.