Dinner was Delicious


Dinner: a small tempeh reuben sandwich,(300 calories), rainbow slaw (150 calories) and a glass of mablec (90 calories)


Stressful Day & Snacky

I received an e-mail this morning asking if I would participate in a phone interview- I was delighted however when it came around I felt awful about the interview it went horribly.  Well apparently it could have gone worse because the lady did ask me to come in for a meeting on Thursday afternoon.  Soon after I got off the phone I was contacted about 2 other opportunities one at a bakery and another with a real estate agency- oh and don’t forget I have an interview at the Cafe at my husbands work which is my first choice. 

Here is my food intake so far today:  (I also did 20 min on the elliptical) 

I also had an additional serving of tortilla chips (140 calories)

Lunch today was leftover chili and tortilla chips (360 calories)


Snack tiny apple with almond butter (150 calories)


Orange- another snack (90 calories)


A Nice Glass of Malbec (90 calories)

Almond Butter Makes Any Morning Good

This morning Neil and I “slept in” until 6:30 because he seemed to have forgotten to set the alarm.  Oh well it was nice not to get up at 5:30am this morning.  I woke up craving almond butter though so what goes great with AB? OATS and banana of course. I also made myself some coffee with a packet of SoyGo, basically powdered soy creamer. 

1/2 serving of oats (75 Calories)

1T almond butter (90 Calories)

1 Banana (105 Calories)

1/4 packet of NuNaturals Stevia


SoyGo (15 calories)

Great Surprises!

To my delight my hubby came home early from work- the power went out so he caught a ride home with another guy. He had some work left to do but it’s okay I just like having him around. We spent part of the afternoon re-watching Lost Season 5 in preparation for Season 6 while we worked on our laptops. I enjoyed some black coffee, an orange (85 calories), and 10 lightly salted almonds (70 calories) as an afternoon snack.

In the afternoon hubby and I walked down to Rite Aid for trashy mags- Life & Style and People- then I headed home for a workout.  I did 25 minutes on the elliptical and then 25 minutes of Wii EA  Active and I had a great sweaty workout. While I worked out I roasted up some butternut squash to make yummy chili. 


2 cups Root Veggie Chili (221 calories) 

1 serving Tortilla Chips (140 Calories)

1T Guacamole (50 Calories)

1T Sour Supreme (50 Calories)

One huge Water

Now relaxing with Tony DiNozzo.

I had a snack later in the evening of cereal with almond milk (150 calories)

To Start


This morning I started out with a serving of oatmeal (150 Calories) with half a banana (50 Calories) and a packet of NuNaturals Stevia (0 Calories).  I didn’t finish all of my oatmeal however I was too full.  After a quick breakfast I headed out to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned- no cavities yeah!  Although I left the dentist with positive news I got to the car and had a message on my phone letting me know that the landlord had just let the guy in to work on the ceiling of our bathroom- okay seems fine but it wasn’t.  The guy was supposed to confirm that he was coming and never did so I thought he wasn’t ….anyways I was frustrated.

Oatmeal For Breakfast- what I didn't finish haha


For lunch I decided to have some left overs:

2T homemade vegan cheese sauce  (50 Calories)

1/2 cup chickpeas (100 Calories)

1T taco sauce (20 Calories)

1T sour supreme (45 Calories)

2T gucacamole (50 Calories)

1 Serving of Corn Chips (140 Calories)

Zevia Cola (0 Calories)

Lunch was yummy however I probably could have eaten something better but I am still on track calorie wise; goal between 1400-1600 with 4-5 45 min workouts per week.  I plan to do some elliptical and Wii EA Active this evening.  If I can squeeze it in I’d like to do some yoga as well.

It’s time to make changes

I woke up this morning and had to put actual pants on, you know not the nice stretchy leggings and yoga pants that I have been wearing for weeks but real pants.  Well I go to my closet and start taking my jeans out to wear…..hmmm only one yes ONE pair fits and well they are pretty dirty and need to be washed. I did have one additional pair that fits but the zipper is broken on them so i have to wear long shirts to go over it and hide the zipper.  

Part of me is saying “I don’t know where I am going wrong”;   I thought that I was being more active and eating better but apparently I was being delusional since I stepped on the scale and the pounds are back on and the pants don’t fit.  I’m trying not to be depressed about this and to take responsibility for getting this way but honestly I am upset.  Things in the past 6 months (when all this weight got put on) have been really hard. I got pregnant and put on some weight there, then I lost the baby at 11 weeks and put on some weight after that, I was miserable at my job so my eating and working out reflected feeling down, and now I have left my job but am feeling depressed that I don’t have a new one and that there is a lack of opportunity in Vermont.  

Okay so now that I’ve got that all out it’s time to make changes, positive changes, to my diet, workout routine and personal well being.  I am going to use this blog to track my progress and the new steps I am taking to get healthier mentally and physically.  I also in addition have my vegan blog to keep on top of as well which you can visit here.  I hope that my journey inspire others to take charge of their own lives and Eat. Live. Be Healthy.