Stressful Day & Snacky

I received an e-mail this morning asking if I would participate in a phone interview- I was delighted however when it came around I felt awful about the interview it went horribly.  Well apparently it could have gone worse because the lady did ask me to come in for a meeting on Thursday afternoon.  Soon after I got off the phone I was contacted about 2 other opportunities one at a bakery and another with a real estate agency- oh and don’t forget I have an interview at the Cafe at my husbands work which is my first choice. 

Here is my food intake so far today:  (I also did 20 min on the elliptical) 

I also had an additional serving of tortilla chips (140 calories)

Lunch today was leftover chili and tortilla chips (360 calories)


Snack tiny apple with almond butter (150 calories)


Orange- another snack (90 calories)


A Nice Glass of Malbec (90 calories)


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